You can store virtually anything except :-

†††††††††††† Living Materials, such as animals and plants
†††††††††††† Hazardous items such as flammable liquids or explosives
†††††††††††† Items that can decompose
†††††††††††† Unauthorised or illegal goods such as firearms

The amount you pay depends on the size of unit you rent. To get an idea of which size would suityou please call us on 01934 822420.

Self-storage is a service that offers both domestic and business users access to an individual secure storage space in purpose built rooms in which to store virtually anything you want. Each separate room is lockable.You are the sole key holder.

What is Self storage ?

How much does it cost ?

What canít I store in my unit ?

Who is it for ?

For domestic storage if you

 are moving house and your new home is not ready yet 

 are renovating your home and need to transfer household goods to storage 

 are relocating abroad and want to store your valuables during the move 

 are going travelling and need domestic storage for your belongings 

 find that your hobby or sports equipment is taking over the house! 

 just donít have enough space at home anymore


 For business storage

 archives and files - in order to free up precious office space 

 seasonal and excess stock 

 trade supplies and equipment 

 exhibition and event equipment and office furniture


What about security ?

You are the sole holder of keys to your room. The unit has well-lit corridors and fire detection systems and is on a fenced gated compound with internal and external CCTV coverage and intruder alarms.

Click on the image below to visit for all your self storage insurance requirements. Just 45p per £1000 per week.

Regulated by the FSA.